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Hakan Seyalioglu, Language Game Designer


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Last update: February 20, 2020


Hakan Seyalioglu is an independent game designer, and he co-wrote an article for our first issue, "The Bard Takes Minutes: What Professional Workplace Teams Can Learn From Roleplaying Games."

How would you present your bio?

I would say: "Hakan Seyalioglu is 50% of Thorny Games, an independent design studio of live-action roleplaying games (LARPs) and other roleplaying games that tells new and unconventional stories. In his design, he’s deeply explored what language means for us culturally and emotionally, and how it can be an engaging mechanic for play. Hakan helps computers keep secrets and crack codes (a genuine cryptographer). His games have won the IGDN Game of the Year, the Silver ENnie Award for Game of the Year, and Best Tabletop Game at Indiecade Europe. He was the keynote speaker at the 2018 Living Games Conference (the foremost conference in LARP writing and theory in North America).

"He also really enjoys breakfast."

What are some of your own favorite past projects?  Why do you feel great about them? 

My work on Sign: A Game about Being Understood has definitely been one of my favorites. A live-action game about the emergence of Nicaraguan Sign Language, it's helped make the genre more approachable to many players who cite it as their first LARP ever. It's also allowed us to build a strong connection with the Nicaraguan Sign Language Foundation, who we've since accompanied on two trips to Nicaragua to help evaluate rural communities in Eastern Nicaragua for potential deployment of sign language educational resources.

What's a current cultural edge you're excited to see people pushing? 

What is means to be a game. Many folks are becoming much more comfortable with pushing through preconceptions about what is and isn't a game, while also exploring topics like community, compassion, and connection within their gameplay.

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