Created by a bunch of people, including Lydia Laurenson

This page last updated July 2020

The New Modality is a new publication and community based in San Francisco.  We explore the edges, asking: What is a meaningful life in this rapidly changing world?
The New Modality looks at culture, art, both science and spirituality, relationships, tech, business, governance, and beyond, because change is occurring at all levels: The individual, family, community, city, nation, and the world.

When it comes to community, our goal is to support community development and infrastructure, and to help people connect with each other in a genuine way. When it comes to information, our goal is to create thoughtful, explanatory, solutions-focused work that teaches rather than triggers. When it comes to art, our goal is to celebrate beauty, love, optimism, openness, innovation, and play.

We believe in the value of intersections and interdependence, while simultaneously supporting individual freedom and self-expression. We believe that no problem is too big and no issue is too small to be addressed with optimism, empathy, and human brilliance. 

THANK YOU to everyone who backed us. We're so grateful for the support we got on Kickstarter!
If you didn't see our Kickstarter in time, you can order our print magazine or get a subscription in our online Backerkit store (eventually we'll move this onto our website).