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New Modality Contributor:
Jane Hu, Art and Travel Photographer


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Photo courtesy of Jane Hu
Last update: February 20, 2020


Jane Hu has contributed a huge number of photos to The New Modality, including many of the images we used in our Kickstarter campaign as well as photos for articles like "The Ideology of Transhumanism" and "What's The Return on the House of Eternal Return?: Plucky Anarchist Art Collective Meow Wolf Turns Corporate and Goes Global." Here's more about Jane.

How would you present your bio?

I’m a photographer and a business executive, which means I both create content myself and build businesses to enable others to create content. I spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of visual imagery.

My photography focuses on fine art, performance, and travel, with my work appearing in solo and group exhibits across the country. I’m particularly known for my Burning Man photography, which I guess is at the intersection of my three areas of focus. I’ve been published in Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, the Ellen Show, Fast Company, the Huffington Post, and other publications, but I’m most proud of my photo from 2018 that a Norwegian stranger spent 20 hours tattooing onto his arm.

I am also VP of Content and Community at PicsArt, a creative platform for visual editing and storytelling. In the past, I’ve spent time at YouTube, Disney, and investing for Michael Eisner.

I love what I do and am an avid speaker on digital media at places like SXSW, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Internet Week, Digital Hollywood, StartupFest Montreal, and others. I wholeheartedly believe in supporting the next generation of both artists and entrepreneurs; I'm a mentor for both Techstars Music and Cardinal Ventures. And I have a BS, MA, and MBA from Stanford University.

What's your favorite thing about The New Modality?

I love the idea of experiments in culture and think there's a huge gap in our collective society for this type of publication. 

What are your favorite links that will help our audience learn about you, your life, your work, and your values? 

My website:

Instagram: @plainjane



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