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Last update: 10/21/19


Cathy Reisenwitz is a writer whose work has appeared in Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, Talking Points Memo, and other publications — and she also wrote a review for our first issue.

Can you tell us a little about your work? 

I’ve spent the last ten years creating content for publications, non-profits, and brands. I write a political column for the Bay City Beacon called Unintended Consequences. My email newsletter is called Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture. My sex and relationships writing includes a column for Kink and Code (a website about "sex in the digital age"), and bylines in The Week, Huffington Post, and Ravishly.

I’ve been quoted by the New York Times Magazine and I’ve been a columnist at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE),, and Bitcoin Magazine. My television appearances include Fox News and Al Jazeera America. 

Progress isn't linear, and we're clearly in a moment of backlash and retrenchment.


What are some of your own favorite past projects?  Why do you feel great about them?

My favorite past project is also my current project. It's my blog, Sex and the State. But it's also my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter conversations. It's the conversations I've had at Club 93 and Emperor Norton's (the local YIMBY watering holes here in San Francisco). The work of my life has been learning in public what an ideal world looks like and how to get there sooner. 

If you could put out a PSA to the entire world asking for help with one thing, what would you ask for?  And if someone is able to help with that, then how can they reach you? (e.g.: can they find you on Twitter, through a contact page on your website, etc.?)

The thing that's been occupying my thoughts recently is how does liberalism best respond to growing illiberalism? This encompasses everything from Trumpism in middle America to Palantir in Silicon Valley. Progress isn't linear, and we're clearly in a moment of backlash and retrenchment. Reactionary ideas are gaining a foothold in a major way and liberals are largely ineffective in our response. If you can help with that, please reach out to me at


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