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Brooke Daily, Events and Marketing


Profile edited by Michael J. Seidlinger and Lydia Laurenson

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Last update: February 26, 2020


Brooke Daily is an event producer and marketing specialist based in Oakland.

How would you present your bio? 

I am a Bay Area native with a passion for people, a social sculptor — an artist with people as my medium. My passion for production started at a young age. I was acting, singing, and dancing in theater productions from the time I was 8 years old. I have always been inspired by the way we can create experiences for others that have the potential to help them see the world from a new perspective. My early experiences performing really helped me understand the power of experience design and its ability to help us transform. When we create containers for individuals to learn new things, deepen their relationships, and challenge their beliefs, we create change in the world.

It is my utmost belief that our relationships with ourselves, others, and the living world are the foundation upon which we co-create a meaningful life. When we are more connected to one another, we tap into a well of abundant support that provides us with the internal and external resources to find, create, and collaborate on a shared purpose. This is the guiding force for the work I do: creating spaces, content, systems, and art that drives us to find deeper meaning through and with each other. 

I serve many communities in the work I do, from alternative and psychedelic arts, non-monogamy and sex-positivity, to enviromental sustainability and regeneration. Specifically, I focus on creating spaces that unite these movements and the change makers within them. I am proud to say the movements I work within serve me just as much as I serve them, giving me the opportunity of lifelong growth both personally and professionally. This exchange of maturation creates a powerful social and interpersonal ecology where change, purpose, and meaning are born, nurtured, and constantly refined.


I dream of a world where connectivity and intimacy are grounded in intention, compassion, and vulnerability.


What are some of your own favorite past projects?  Why do you feel great about them?

One of my favorite projects I work on is with Organ House, a community with a mission of normalizing non-monogamy and sexual exploration. This organization produces between ten and twelve events a year for a membership of 2,100 people. I have had the honor of being a major contributor in helping them develop OH’s CARE Culture, a clear set of values to hold ourselves and our community members accountable to. I also helped lead our publishing team and created blog posts to educate new members on navigating play environments like "Asking for Play: Motivations."

What’s a specific project that you’re excited about right now?

I am currently working on a interactive art installation with DanceSafe [a nonprofit that promotes harm reduction in the electronic dance community] through their #WeLoveConsent program. The installation is called The Temple of Intimacy, and it's both a geometric physical structure and a kinesthetic learning experience. It focuses on the key foundational learnings of consent conversation, like setting boundaries, expressing desire, and managing expectations. We aim to increase consent literacy and build a cohesive consent culture in the electronic music festival community, by encouraging individuals and communities to be embodied in their agency to pursue pleasure and intimacy, and have the tools to listen to and respect others’ agency. 

What's a relatively small, highly achievable dream of a better world that you sometimes think about but haven't done yet?

I dream of a world where connectivity and intimacy are grounded in intention, compassion, and vulnerability. Where all communities have a thriving social and interpersonal ecology. Where we assume abundance and belonging before scarcity and exclusion. And ultimately, where all of us are embodied in our agency and desire to build a life and a world that we’re proud of.


Transparency Notes

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