Interview: Valerie Beltran


Tiny Interview:
Valerie Beltran, family therapist with an interest in consciousness


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Last update: 10/21/19


Valerie Beltrán is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in trauma (EMDR), polyamory, and adolescents in her private practice in East Bay Area. Valerie was formerly the chief of staff for eco-tech entrepreneur, Josh Whiton, and head of operations for the conscious technology startup Consciousness Hacking.

What should we know about you and your work?

In my therapy practice, I integrate Western psychological methods with Eastern and Indigenous traditions, along with cutting-edge research on the mind-body connection. I’m currently in a year-long training program for psychedelic-assisted therapy, and am looking forward to the anticipated legalization of psilocybin and MDMA for use in therapy in 2021. 

Having grown up with two ethnic backgrounds (Mexican and American) while living on the border between two countries (Mexico and USA), I have become adept at metaphorically walking between worlds, seeing from multiple perspectives, and creating bridges between people and ideas.

I believe that technology can help humanity evolve by increasing self-awareness, promoting empathy, and transforming perspectives. I’m dedicated to creating and teaching techniques and technologies that organically usher people into evolution — and that's not limited to electronic technologies, by the way; I use a definition of technology that includes ideas or practices such as meditation.

Finally, I’m an ambassador and therapist for Thera VR, a company creating software to enable therapy via virtual reality. With Thera VR, I conduct therapy sessions with clients using the Oculus Quest and Thera VR software. I’m excited about the possible applications of technology in mental health, especially technology we have yet to even dream of — here's a blog post I wrote about that a couple years ago.


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