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New Modality Catalyst:
Alana Corbett, Experiential Designer


Profile edited by Katie MacBride

Photo courtesy of Alana Corbett
Last update: 10/18/19


Alana Corbett is a San Francisco-based experience designer and art curator, and she's also a New Modality Catalyst.

What should we know about you?

I work across various sectors — design, technology, music, art — producing experiences that cultivate community and storytelling, and inspire creativity. I’ve developed everything from experiential marketing campaigns to intimate supper clubs and art exhibitions, and produced projects for clients including Google, Red Bull, The Battery, Airbnb, and Lyft. I’m currently the head of programming for Today at Apple, where I strive to build and celebrate the Bay Area creative community.

What are some of your own favorite past projects?  Why do you feel great about them?

Listening Sessions was a collaborative project among a crew of friends when I first moved to the Bay Area, and it ultimately sparked my love of creating events for the purpose of community building and storytelling. The project explores the connection that people have with their music and the profound impact music has on our lives. Each session revolves around a different theme, and during the session, four people each play one recorded piece of music inspired by that theme and tell a personal story connected to their song selection. 


I get really frustrated when I hear commentary around the Bay Area not having any creative culture, so I'm excited to put a spotlight on it in any way I can.


What’s a specific project that you’re excited about *right now*?  

My current role as the head of programming for Today at Apple is some of the most challenging and inspiring work I've done to date. I'm passionate about utilizing the resources Apple has to offer to provide a platform to celebrate our Bay Area creatives and build a community within the initiative. I get really frustrated when I hear commentary around the Bay Area not having any creative culture, so I'm excited to put a spotlight on it in any way I can. Curating is also something I've always aspired to do more of (from my former life in the nonprofit arts) and now I get to do it in a brand new context. 

What's a current cultural edge you're excited to see people pushing?

Creative entrepreneurship. People taking risks, jumping ship from their full-time jobs, and pushing their own creative hustles.  

Where can we go to find out more about you?

My work can be found at


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