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Jason Porath, animator turned novelist


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Last update: October 21, 2019


Jason Porath is a polymath, illustrator, and writer at The New Modality. He's also one of our Catalysts

In a past life, Jason Porath used to work on animated movies such as "How to Train Your Dragon 2," "The Croods," and "Kung Fu Panda 2." In 2014, he left the film industry to start Rejected Princesses: a blog-turned-book-series that celebrates the lives of little-known women with thoroughly-researched and illustrated histories of their lives. He later created Tough Mothers, "Amazing Stories of History's Mightiest Matriarchs." He lives in Los Angeles, where he works on screenplays and novels, in between singing a lot of karaoke.


“The century to come is going to require a push for reparation, mental health, and mutual understanding at a scale never before seen in our species’ history.”

Hey Jason. What's a current cultural edge you're excited to see people pushing?
I’m excited to see how #MeToo evolves. I’m fascinated by the push into areas like restorative justice, and seeing how the increased focus and resources in such realms transforms how we talk about trauma, punishment, and redemption. The century to come, should we survive the current global slide towards fascism, is going to require a push for reparation, mental health, and mutual understanding at a scale never before seen in our species’ history. I think we’re starting to see the seeds of what that might look like.
What's a relatively small, highly achievable dream of a better world that you sometimes think about but haven't done yet?
Teach consent in high school sex ed. Have students practice asking for something (“Can I hug you?”), practice saying no firmly (“Thank you, but no”), and practice receiving rejection graciously (“Thank you for being honest with me, and with yourself”). A half hour of practice doing this can really help orient people sensibly.
If you could put out a PSA to the entire world asking for help with one thing, what would you ask for?  And if someone is able to help with that, then how can they reach you?
I have more stories than I could possibly hope to tell, working by myself. I’d love to collaborate with artists, playwrights, producers, and the like. Probably easiest way to get ahold of me is email:

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