Interviewer: Alicia Chen


New Modality Interviewer:
Alicia Chen, Researcher


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Last update: 11/4/19


Alicia is an aspiring data scientist, researcher, and occasionally does interviews for The New Modality. Here’s a bit more about her: 

What’s your biggest, most out-there dream of a better world?

I imagine a world where climate change is no longer a reality, where people receive personalized and high-quality mental health services, and where we have clinicians who feel supported by their communities. And where teleportation exists!

What's a relatively small, highly achievable dream of a better world that you sometimes fantasize about, but haven't done yet?

A machine learning training tool that can diagnose mental illness with high accuracy to train student clinicians in diagnosis and treatment of more difficult-to-diagnose mental illnesses. That, and/or the creation of nonprofit that's designed to help clinicians who are obtaining their licenses (like MSWs who are becoming LCSWs) train in more advanced or specific treatment methods.  

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